About EnDev Indonesia

In Indonesia, EnDev has been supporting the government’s rural electrification efforts since 2006. With partners that include the Directorate General for New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (DJ EBTKE), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM), EnDev Indonesia is working to fulfil government commitments to increase the national electrification ratio to 96 percent by 2019 and to escalate the share of renewable energy to 23 percent by 2025.

EnDev Indonesia implements capacity development, technical assessment and monitoring, and knowledge management services that have directly supported the development of 309 micro-hydro power (MHP) and 305 photovoltaic village power (PVVP) systems that range in capacity from 5 kW to 400 kW. This community operated and administered systems providing electricity to over 189,000  people, 1,500 public facilities—such as schools and health centres—and 2,700 rural businesses.

Currentlly EnDev Indonesia emphasise to institutionalise the methodologies and lessons learned throughout the years of collaboration between the GIZ and DJ EBTKE. This is reflected through various capacity development measures including training for government personnel on MHP and PV mini-grid technical inspection and training for facilitators assigned in the outer small islands. The project also advised on the improvement of PV mini-grid technical specification, study on technical performance of two PV mini-grids, and monitoring initiative within DJ EBTKE.


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