Capacity Building for SMEs 2016

GIZ works with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs (KUKM) in the field of capacity building of PLTMH recipients. This activity is intended to encourage members of cooperatives to be able to develop productive energy-based businesses, so that the sustainability of the utilization of PLTMH built can be achieved.

From 2015 to 2016, EnDev Indonesia conducts 9 training programs at 9 MHP sites where each training lasts for three days. The overall set of training programs was attended by 155 participants, where on the second day it increased to 158 participants and 154 participants on the third day.

The method used in the training is the CEFE Business Canvas Model. With this method, the business model is displayed on a single sheet of canvas, containing a potential map and a business growth plan in four aspects of management; namely aspects of marketing, aspects of production, aspects of human resources and organization and financial aspects.

Reports can be downloaded at LIbraries.


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