Minister of EMR Inaugurated the Launch of Public Service Agency PPSDM KEBTKE

Apr 16, 2018

Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignatius Jonan inaugurated the launch of Public Service Development Agency (BLU) of Electricity, New Energy, Renewable Energy and Conservation (KEBTKE) in Surabaya, Thursday, April 12, 2018.

The signing of the cooperation agreement and submission of cooperation commitment document between BLU PPSDM KEBTKE and the business entity was also conducted. On the occasion, GIZ through ELREN project symbolically signed a cooperation agreement on capacity building. This cooperation aims to support BLU PPSDM KEBTKE to be able to develop a commercial training programme, especially in PV mini-grid rural electrification.

Bringing the Cooperation on Rural Electrification Programme towards Regional Economic Development in Nusa Tenggara Barat

Mar 27, 2018

The Regional Planning Agency (Bappeda) of Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) province, supported by the Energising Development Indonesia project implemented by GIZ, held a workshop on “Development Strategy of Solar Mini-grid Beneficiary Villages” on 15 March 2018 in Mataram. The workshop was a closure of Rural Mini-grid Management Model (RUMI), a pilot project implemented since May 2017, which aims at developing a management model for government-funded solar mini-grid in four hamlets in NTB province.

Ridwan Syah, the Head of Bappeda, urged all relevant stakeholders to pursue synergy and collaboration, among others the Agency of Energy and Mineral Resources (Dinas ESDM), Agency of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises (Dinas KUKM), universities, Teams of Geopark Rinjani and SAMOTA Development, Bank Indonesia, KOMPAK, as well as the recently formed cooperatives. He also encouraged the cooperatives to proactively propose any support activities when required. Niken Arumdati, representing Dinas ESDM, expressed her optimism that next year the provincial government will allocate funds to regularly monitor and maintain the operational of solar mini-grids installed in the region.

Within eight months period, RUMI successfully facilitated the establishment of two cooperatives located in Pegadungan, Lombok Utara and in Moyo Island, Sumbawa. These cooperatives, previously informal villager groups, will manage the solar mini-grid systems constructed by the government. Additionally, the cooperatives also run businesses such as trading and credit service. Through close coaching conducted by Transform, a local civil society organisation experienced in village facilitation, the beneficiary community is now more confident in operating and managing their electricity facilities. Gender equality was strongly promoted throughout RUMI implementation. It was observed that women participation in village assemblies and activities related to electricity utilisation and management has improved up to 30%. RUMI also initiated a partnership scheme between solar companies and local technicians in order to make available technical support structure in the region.

More information about RUMI implementation can be accessed here.

Mini-grid Service Package (MSP): Taking One Level Up the Quality and Performance of Mini grids

Jan 16, 2018

The PV communal technical inspection program implemented by EnDev Indonesia during 2013 - 2015 to 305 solar power plants (SPP), which built by the Government of Indonesia, has attracted the attention of SPP local and international actors. Through three years of technical inspection, Mini-grid Service Package (MSP) was created to maintain the installation quality.

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) assessed that this instrument can enrich learning and best practices in maintaining the quality of renewable energy technology infrastructure. So that in 2017, the MSP instrument is covered and summarized in a collection of quality assurance case studies. The IRENA article on the MSP instrument can be downloaded at

The MSP instrument consists of five (5) main activities:

1. Component compliance, to observe if the components are installed in accordance with the specifications written in the contract.

2. Technical performance verification, through on-site measurement and observation from the component display screen.

3. Workmanship quality, to observe if the installation is in compliance with the technical standards, safety rules and / or best practices.

4. Socio-economic survey using KPI (key performance indicator) form.

5. Training for operators and managers of PV communal.

Arcandra Tahar Visited Jangkang Biogas Power Plant and Nyuruk Solar Power Plant in Bangka Belitung Province

Dec 28, 2017

On December 15, 2017, Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arcandra Tahar, visited Biogas Power Plant (PLTBG) in Jangkang and Nyuruk Solar Power Plant (PLTS) in East Belitung District, Bangka Belitung Province.

During his visit to PLTBG in Jangkang, he conveyed that there is an increase in the interest of renewable energy investment, especially in areas where the Cost of Goods Provision (BPP) is higher than the National BPP, and one of them is in Bangka Belitung Province.

"In total, in 2017, 68 renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have been signed between PLN and the developer. It increased fourfold compared to the previous year, where it were only 16 PPAs in 2016," said Arcandra.

Arcandra pointed out, for Bangka Belitung where its BPP region is the highest in Sumatra (Rp 1.907/kWh), the purchase price for renewable energy to PLN is 85% or Rp 1.621/kWh.

"The production cost of PLTBg (Jangkang) is even lower than the local BPP, it's interesting," he continued. As known, the electricity from PLTBg Jangkang is sold to PLN at Rp 975/kWh.

PLTBg operated by AANE in Jangkang Village, Dendang District, East Belitung Regency is a subsidiary of PT Austrindo Nusantara Jaya (ANJ), engaged in palm oil processing. AANE was established in 2009 and is in charge of treating palm oil mill effluent (POME) generated by ANJ to become electricity.

In 2013, AANE signed a power sales contract with PLN and was the first biogas developer to sell electricity commercially. In 2016, AANE PLTBg provided 1.8 MW for 2,000 households with a capacity of 900 VA.

The Vice Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the rest of the group then scheduled to conduct a visit to the communal off-grid PLTS in Dusun Tungkup, Nyuruk Village, East Belitung District. The visit to the two renewable energy plants is conducted to see the potential of renewable energy interconnection to the PLN network.

The interconnection of PLTBg owned by AANE to PLN can be used as an example of replication for other PLTBG in Indonesia. Utilization of POME into electrical energy will add value to Indonesia as the second largest palm oil producing country in the world. Meanwhile, the interconnection of Tungkup PLTS to PLN network can also be used as replica example for other off-grid PLTS project when PLN network starts to step in. The relatively small capacity of the PLTS is considered not to have a significant impact or disruption to the PLN network system.

Since 2011 to the end of 2016, the Directorate General for New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) has built more than 600 PLTS and communal PLTMHs with a total capacity of 25 MW. PLN is currently expanding to provide access to electricity to various villages in Indonesia so that the interconnection of off-grid PLTS becomes essential for the sustainability and utilization of PLTS built from APBN funds for the community welfare.

The electrical interconnection from renewable energy to PLN's network can also contribute significantly to achieving 23 percent of renewable energy targets in the national energy mix by 2025, also help Indonesia achieve a 29 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

This article is adopted from the press release issued by ESDM click here.

Bringing Maintenance and Repair Services for PV Mini-grid Closer to the Users

Dec 12, 2017

Nusa Tenggara Barat will be the first province to have accessible maintenance and repair services for photovoltaic (PV) mini-grid. Held in 4-6 December 2017 in Mataram, local private players in electricity sector, engineering and vocational students convened in a training on maintenance and repair services for PV mini-grid. The training aims to prepare local technicians with the new skills and knowledge particularly on PV mini-grid. Within two-days training programme, 20 local technicians from seven electrical companies as well as 30 students from Mataram and Sumbawa learned about the fundamentals of PV mini-grid technology as well as handling the maintenance and troubleshooting inquiries. Subsequently, on the third day, the selected participants had the chance to practice on the field at two PV mini-grid systems in Lombok Utara regency.

The event also sought for potential local partner(s) to team up with TMLEnergy, an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company with experience in developing numerous PV mini-grids systems across Indonesia, both from public funding and private financing. The partnership aims to provide services for PV mini-grids installed in the province, starting from maintenance and repair services. This initiative is vital since the Government of Indonesia is pushing solar energy to be adopted by regions that are still lacking of basic electricity access. To date, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has built nearly 600 installations of PV mini-grids with minimum capacity of 15 kWp. The systems are spread across remote rural areas and managed by the local communities.

Learning from experiences in supporting rural electrification in Indonesia, it is evident that low accessibility of technical services has become a major hurdle to sustain operation of the renewable energy systems on site. Active participation of local technicians will catalyse improvement of this unfortunate situation. In the meantime, TMLEnergy has the necessary expertise and experience in the construction and maintenance of PV mini-grid technology across the country. Through the cooperation between Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and TMLEnergy which was initiated since September 2016, it is expected that the local actors will actively adopt the effort to sustain the PV mini-grid facilities in the region.


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