Gender Equality Socialisation

Oct 19, 2017

Gender equality is one of the components of RUMI. From the beginning, these component have been introduced either through socialisation by local facilitators or through posters. In addition, RUMI also conducted a survey on community understanding on the role and participation of women in the management of solar power plant, especially to occupy the position of SPP chairman and operators. Respondents from this survey are not limited to women only. Survey results showed that respondents generally stated that women cannot occupy the positions of chairmen and operators, given that the work is heavy and women have no expertise for both positions.

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Village Electricity Management Team and Small Business Enterprise Training

Sep 30, 2017

The Village Electricity Management Team and Small Business Entreprise Training were conducted in two sub-villages, namely Pegadungan, North Lombok on September 4-8, 2017 and Arung Santek, Sumbawa on 25-29 September 2017. Particularly, for the training in Arung Santek Village, the participants are also coming from Brang Kua and Lepa Loang Village.

The training was divided into two parts, first on the management, operation, and maintenance of solar power plant (SPP) attended by members of the SPP management team and customers, and small business development training followed by small entrepreneurs or customers who interested in developing small businesses. The total participants in this training were 81 people consisting of 37 female participants and 44 male participants.

In SPP management training, in addition to technical aspects, participants were also given material on cooperatives, electricity utilisation for productive enterprises and gender equality. This training has helped improve the management team's understanding of how SPP works and its utilisation.

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EnDev Indonesia Partners with TMLEnergy to Provide Accessible Service for Solar Technology

Sep 25, 2017

EnDev Indonesia establishes a partnership with TMLEnergy, one of major solar technology company in Indonesia, that aims to improve accessibility of solar technology and its maintenance services in Indonesia. Through years of work in rural electrification, EnDev Indonesia found that the lack of accessible technical services has become a major hurdle to sustain operation of the installed systems. Combining years of experiences and aligned mission in renewable energy development, the partnership optimists to enable local stakeholders to actively adopting and sustaining renewable energy technology in their region with knowledge and skills available from the partnership.

The partnership was formalised by a memorandum of cooperation (MOC) signed by Programme Coordinator of Energy Programme Indonesia/ASEAN Mr. Rudolf Rauch, and Director of TMLEnergy, Mrs. Nany Wardhani. Held in Bandung, the signing event was attended by EnDev Indonesia, led by Ms. Amalia Suryani, and TMLEnergy team. The partnership has carried out several joint-activities that include market observation in the targeted region, and sharing session on the topic of service and repair for solar mini-grid in the 6th Indonesia EBTKE Conex 2017.

Furthermore, TMLEnergy is an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company with more than five-years of experiences in solar technology and has worked on hundreds of solar mini-grids systems across Indonesia, both from public and private financing.

Promoting Gender Equality in Photovoltaic Mini-grid Management through Posters

Aug 03, 2017

According to a gender study conducted by GIZ in 2015 it was revealed that only 6% of the rural electricity management team members were female who is involved in management of photovoltaic (PV). The spirit to promote women's participation in every aspects of rural development needs to be supported. As gender issue recently has become more prevalent, Energizing Development (EnDev) Indonesia attempts to introduce the basic concept of gender equality using a more enticing and engaging way.

EnDev targets rural communities with PV mini-grid in at least 50 villages to be disseminated with the posters this year. It aims to increase the understanding on the importance of balancing the participation of women and men in the PV mini-grid management and to gain recognition of women’s role in rural electrification programme. EnDev expects that such gender equality campaign may increase the number of women active in the PV mini-grid management as well as in the utilisation of electricity in a more productive manner.

Erwina Darmajanti
and Gender Focal Point

Amalia Suryani
Team Leader
Energizing Development Indonesia (EnDev)

Cooperatives Establishment Facilitation

Aug 01, 2017

Three of the four villages targeted by RUMI have agreed to form a cooperative and are currently in the process of forming it. The three villages are Dusun Arung Santek and Dusun Brang Kua in Sumbawa, and Dusun Pegadungan in North Lombok Regency.

In Dusun Arung Santek, the cooperative to be formed is the Multipurpose Cooperative (KSU), under the name of KSU Arung Pulau Moyo. While in Dusun Brang Kua, prospective cooperatives to be formed will be named Karya Mitra Brang Kua Mandiri. In both villages, each member of the cooperative will deposit the money of Rp. 500.000, - as principal savings and Rp. 10.000, - per month as mandatory savings. Cooperative Department has agreed to conduct counseling and endorsement of both cooperatives.

In Dusun Pegadungan, the process of establishing a cooperative is rather long because previously the recipient community of PLTS already has six (6) farmer groups which are built by the Agriculture Department and four (4) business groups that have run the savings and loan business. But in the end, members of the group agreed to form a cooperative that will be named Cooperative Cahaya Surya Pegadungan.

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